You may have noticed the posting pattern.
it is not the most consistent.

i know.

And no matter how much i try, i end up posting more on Tumblr than here. Is it the simple posting techniques that is luring me to do such thing? Perhaps.
But my mind always tells me to stick to the complicated things first before i go into the simple ones…and i get lured into the simple things. Going for the complicated first, or the hardest first, in every situation trains your mind and body and sets it in a mode where complicatedness is no longer seen as “complicated”. Which means that it would either make you:

  1. Used to the complicatedness in things to the point where you will only see complicatedness in everything and every situation you face; which will make you realize you will only go towards complicatedness.
  2. or you will keep busy with complicatedness while having your mindset aware of the existence of simplicity. And, hopefully, will proceed with simplicity after the complicatedness is taken care of.

Even now i’m making this post complicated. But this is how i feel.
Can you blame me?

Getting used to complicatedness and then, all of the sudden, steering to simplicity will make you realize that you were dealing with complicatedness when you don’t have to…at all!
Kinda makes you feel good about yourself. Just knowing yourself that you are able to face the complicated and solve it. It is a nice feeling. But doesn’t complicatedness take time and energy? Of course it does.

Working for a bureaucracy and being someone that prefers complicatedness isn’t the best combination to have. Forget bureaucracies. Just being someone who prefers complicatedness over simplicity all the time, in an era like this current one, isn’t the best way to go.

Everything now is flashy flashy. Go get this. Go buy that. Must do this. Gotta wear that. Should eat this. Must see that.

To live in a socially constructed era where the orders are layered upon you to do certain things, represent a certain image of yourself, to think certain thoughts, and this and the other and just orders, ideas, options, standards and expectations are laid all in-front of you. It would become a problem if the complicated persona happens to clash with such society.

The society we live in one huge bureaucracy.
I swear.
And after all that we don’t even get to the top. We stay at the bottom of the pit. We come out of our mothers’ wombs. We go through stages in life to figure out our positions and role in the company. While we’re doing that, we take courses and go through some experience that will, within time, make us come up with our decision of the role that we want to take. We take on that role and we take other roles as we try to climb the ladder of this bloody company. The more important your role to the company is, the more you are compensated. To eat and get services and to stay alive, we must go to certain locations. Back and forth And since you are only a physical entity that has an eternal soul that floats around after the physical decomposes, the company will no longer be in need for your physical help; since it has ceased. And you’ll be replaced with another physical entity.

Pretty cynical. But it’s a theory.

But back on topic.
Choosing the complicated options first will not do much progress in a society like the one we live in.

But what if you cannot help it like myself?
Best option is to learn how to choose the simple first. Make it our first option. The option that will make the outcome the same as it would be if one chooses the complicated option.
But how can we tell? It should be obvious.

For example. I could’ve made this post shorter than this current length by sticking to the topic and make it easier for readers to comprehend the main issue. But being the complicated person that i am, and being this blog as my space to literally pour my thoughts and ideologies, i chose not to make it short. And my stubbornness does not make it any better either.  And when i say “better” i don’t mean it in a scale of good/bad, since such thing does not relate to this point here. (here i am again, being complicated and steering away from topic by explaining my wording of “better” as illustrated in an example given about being simpler and getting to the same point)


Complicated approaches as a lifestyle will lead to complicated thoughts and complicated outcomes with complicated ways.

Best thing to do, in my own personal opinion, is to play stupid and let your complicatedness be your background while simplicity is leading the way. Once simplicity has paved the way for your complicatedness persona to interfere comfortably with no clashing in the current goals set for yourself, then by all means be complicated all you want.

And you can let your imagination run when it comes to the last statement just written. I’m only here to give the Dao (way), not the how. It is up to you to figure that. But this does NOT, i repeat, NOT, mean that you should dumb down your mental and self-respect to achieve your desires. Maintain your self-respect and mentality while taking short-cuts. There we go. Short-cuts. That is the word I’ve been looking for. See how the complicated persona interferes?

Until the next post.