Stuck in two situations;

I got amazing. I see amazing in its amazing abilities that convinces me that life is not about making up your own perfections. But it’s about taking what is surrounding us and make the best out of it, look into its own perfection instead of becoming infatuated within our own idea of perfection. If we keep doing that, we will never be satisfied.

Then i get Perfection.

Perfection in 98.96% of what i expected in terms of perfection. It came at the right shape, size, form, entity, content, theory…but i could not interact with it. i could not feel it. I could touch, but to interact with it; it took hard work. Why? Because i was too caught up with its perfection and the chances of me seeing such expectations that never wandered anywhere else other than my mind.

The ideas were slim to none, of course, for such perfection to come in one piece. So all the infatuation’s energy was drained onto HOW such perfection could come into existence.

As i dig deep with amazing,

i will stick with the amazing since its already perfectly amazing for me. i dont need my own perfection, i need to find perfection within individuals instead of criticize them and look for your own perfection.