Another post. Another story.

Do i have a story to tell?
Maybe that is not the question. Do i have anything to say? Maybe that is what I am getting at.

Christopher Wallace said “Hear me out, i got a story to tell“. He always had something to say. Something to mention. He had THINGS to talk about. Not to compare myself to Mr. Wallace, but lately I have become my own worst critic.

It seems that whatever i do, i always try to outdo myself every time.

Striving for perfection could be a bitch at time, especially when you see yourself as someone who is always trying to improve socially, morally, religiously, mentally and physiologically.

Lupe said “I don’t think i’m best, i just think i’m better than“. Thats a bit cocky right there.

But here is the drama: There is a limit to everything. But there is no limit when someone is trying to improve their selves within the aforementioned categories. Why wouldn’t be there a limit? because you will never be the wisest person. You will never be the most moral. You will never be the most physically fit. You will never be the most religious and definitely not the most mentally conscious person you will ever meet.

Such perfected traits only belong to the man above that is an infinitely perfect being; us finite creatures can never attain such perfection.

Don’t believe me? Try it!

It’s kind of like Bill Gates quitting his position because he feels he has earned enough money. You think that would have ever happened? I highly doubt it.

Only possible problem here is: Ego…(shout out to Kanye)

When you reach a certain level of comfort with yourself and your achievements, your sense of self (or Ego) expands like a blow fish. And once it expands, chances are that you will change as a person. You will become a new person. A new self with different goals, achievements, image and personality. And by all means that is great. But it would be unfair for you to change on your friends, family and your close ones. Controlling yourself to certain degree after you have accomplished what you have always wanted is always a good thing. This way you won’t mistreat anyone. I won’t go into how to control yourself because you are different than I. Know yourself and know your limits then set limitations.

So what can someone do if they never seem to stop striving for the best there is, the best morality, physical state, religious level and social status? I say keep going.

Keep going because there is nothing that should stop you. Nothing can control you other than yourself and NO one cares more about you than yourself. And even if you are not satisfied, keep going and going and going until you are unable to.

Achieve as much as you can because you only live once. And do not waste your time on non-sense because that takes away time from your whole life. They say “Every minute of sadness is a minute less of happiness” . Forget your old mishaps, they already happened. Forget those bad times you’ve encountered, they’re gone.

Do a new thing everyday. Visit places you never seen. Go out and better yourself. Your life is your business and never let outside forces change you negatively. And even if it did, make the best out of it and live life the way you want to.

With limitations, logic and basic morals you can achieve your goals within fair grounds in minimal or no harms.