picture taken by myself during the G20 protest.

I am sorry.

For leaving this baby of mine away from my words typed by warm fingertips. For discontinuing a journey that i promised myself not to halt. For neglecting something so beautiful as expression.

I’ve been busy. Busy figuring out ways to gain income from various sources other than my current employment. Trying to figure out a business plan to officially call my IFreeCan T-shirt line as a legitimate business. Trying to figure out ways to multiply the artistic skills so they don’t disappear and die. Trying to figure out my 3-year plan in becoming a designer/producer/entrepreneur. Trying to figure out ways to ease stress other than attending the Gym. I totally dismissed this blog. Not sure if its because i chose not to renew the domain name or is it because i just got too caught up with other blogs? I don’t know..And i don’t care to find out the reason at this time.

But back to my job.  Although it is a pretty good job, i still do not believe in the 9-5 office job routine. It just does not click into my stubborn head. I would rather spend thousands of dollars in constructing a system that will automate my income by doing something i love, than sitting in an office on a daily basis doing something i prefer not doing. Hate is not the word. Dont-mind-doing is the word…or phrase.

Why the need for alternative sources of income? Why not?

Relying on only one source of income can put you in a level of dependency that is so great you may not notice it. Instead of depending 100% on your 9-5 job. Why not build a way to generate income from…writing a book? starting a service? creating a new product?

And my time here is up for now. Will be on later this week to finish this post. See what depending on a 9-5 can do? it can halt you from passionately writing a blog post (such as this). Well..i blame my time management. But i still refuse to depend on a 9-5.

Remember; we are only human.