To Sophisticate a Hood is to cultivate a mental.

A network aimed for the functional, ignorance-fighting folk that accepts the fact that we shouldn’t believe all what we see/hear. Since we’re trapped in a world that functions with appearances, shallow thinking and business codes, it is hard sometimes to be completely human.

The goal of having a sophisticated hood is to educate the masses that are trapped in the illusions and frustrations that result from living in societies that solve problems with shopping sprees and pain killers. Using external forces to solve inner issues will never solve the issue itself, it’ll suppress it until it transfers to another issue.

Remember to fight for your humanity that you deserve. Stop buying things you want; only buy what you need and not already have. Always remember that every time you let a system control you, your humanity decreases.

Speak up. And if you’re suppressed, fight back and plant the same ideas in your neighborhood. Enough of the ignorance we’re surrounded by. It’s time to Sophisticate your Hood. And the more we plant this idea, the more of a chance we will have to obtain a mental revolution.

Ideas never die. Bodies do.

” ‘Why don’t you die?’

‘Beneath this mask there is more than flesh. Beneath this mask is an idea… and ideas are bulletproof’ ” – V For Vendetta.

Disclaimer: This blog includes, but not restricted to, posts that contain a vibrant mix of Hip-hop culture, culture jamming hypotheses, optimism, logic that makes sense and spirituality. This blog has no connection and is not in any way, shape, or form related to any artists that happen to use the same name as this blog except for the blog’s authors.